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Bathroom Queries? Ask Len, our Tile Specialist in Burnley!

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We want a new bathroom but have previously been blighted with leaking shower trays. Do you have any suggestions?



There are many problems that can be associated with a leaking tray as there are several different types of tray available, and unfortunately some are better than others.  If you have previously used a plastic tray with a chipboard bottom, then you may have experienced what we refer to as ‘sag’, due to the below par strength of these materials.  This is particularly evident when tiny gaps develop which then allow water through, creating a bigger problem.  Although stone resin trays can be much more substantial, they are also prone to problems, including chips and tarnishing over time. 

If you have been looking into fitted bathrooms across Accrington, then you will know the amount of thought which goes into designing your bathroom, and choosing which shower to install is no different.


What we recommend is a hybrid tray which is a combination of both – it has the rigidity of resin but has an ABS coating to stop blemishing.  This means that you can potentially hit it with a hammer and there would be no damage!  An example of this which we love at The Plumbing People, is the Duralite Tray which is guaranteed for 25 years!  Another innovative solution is Wetwall Boarding, which uses large thick sheets of marine plywood instead of tiles.  Like tiles, they are available in a wide variety of colours but include fewer gaps than standard tiling.  If you love the look of tiles in a bathroom, we can also offer a membrane kit which is applied behind the tiles which ‘tanks the tray’.  If you are looking for a tile specialist in Burnley, then call into our showroom today and you are bound to find your perfect partner!


Looking for bathrooms for sale in Whalley? Speak to us today!


Other issues related to leaks are usually down to the fit, where the plumber hasn’t installed the shower tray correctly, or there is a fault with a tiling – I’ve seen lots over the years!  We offer a full fitting service where work is carried out to the highest standard.  So if you are looking for bathrooms for sale in Whalley, then look no further than The Plumbing People as we offer the full experience from design to installation!  For more information about what we do just call us on 01254 233552 or fill in our contact form today!


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